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Feb. 11, 2007

Big stone, big hill


So doing an assessment of my progress on Therefore Repent! last night I worked out that I'm passed the half way point and well on the way to conquering this monster of a task I set out for myself!

Was worried for a few weeks there; feeling like the monster might have been getting the better of me a bit, but no longer.

Feels good.

Also, cant talk about it much yet but I'm happy to hint that a great publisher I've worked with not too long ago is looking good for the US and Direct market edition of the Novel. This means there will be two editions of the book, one from NMK for the Canadian book shop market, particularly the Indy lit scene. And another for our aspirations of wide spread obscurity via the Comics direct market and US book store markets ;)

Anyway, I've been uploading some comics including previews of the Graphic Novel over here on my Comic Space space, check 'em out and let us know what you think.

Also a footnote for future note - Dream life is basically ready to go. soon as I wrap up Repent, I'll be starting to draw that. And it seems likely that you'll be able to read that in about a year or less in a newly re-launched RevolveR - also no details yet but it seems we have ourselves an interested publisher for my personal anthology project too now!

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