RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

Jan. 19, 2007


56, originally uploaded by Maxim.

Jim just posted this over on NMK, Check it out!

[these are] "Four pages of our forthcoming graphic novel Therefore Repent! were published in the winter issue of Taddle Creek magazine, which was great. Taddle Creek dusts off the concept of the literary magazine and allows one to appreciate the quality and yes, even glamour, beneath. A mainstay of Toronto's writers for the past decade, TC publishes excellent fiction, urban history, profiles where writers are given the star treatment - and they throw great launches. Click through to see the four page preview of our post-rapture comic..."

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posted by max at 1/19/2007 11:39:00 p.m.


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RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

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