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Sep. 25, 2006

A friends insights

My friend Cassandra has just started classes at Concordia in the arts program, she's studying performance art, as so has quite an interesting range of classes.

When we can find some time to spend together she often has interesting experiences to relay to me from her classes. Some has been of the too predictable Art School egomania and competition, but a lot has been more interesting and at times she's enjoyed some profound moments.

She's posted one account of these on her blog here, the post titled Judgments and Class Discussions - Found her post refreshing commentary and view of the incidents earlier this month at Dawson, which neighbours Concordia's campus in downtown Montreal.

It's too true, our culture, our species still is too easily led and prone to react in astonishment and disbelief, followed by protectionist fear when things like this go down. We push further away those we push away daily, and when our society gets colder, our media echoes the cries of many people astonishment that the obvious happens.

Gill illustrated a point in his randomish choice of targets: Any human behaviour can happen in any Human space, including the most selfish violet lashing out of the ostracized.

Gill saw himself as a dark figure, but none of us is the sole author of our self-image. Rather it's a by-product of both the way we see ourselves, and the way others do and respond to that. Somewhere along the line others helped to project this persona on him, and others still helped to confirm it time and again. Eventually he simply did what all humans do, he acted out his perceived roll in life.

This truth should not make you fearful, but respect the consequences of taking things for granted, and of pre-judging.

It's true that instinctively humans will make conscious and unconscious judgements about others within the first 10 seconds of having met. But we also posses one of the most powerful thinking devices in the known universe, and are quite able to use it to stay off that judgement till we know more, and even better.


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