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Sep. 21, 2006

Back from Toronto

Returned a few days ago from my trip. Lost almost 10 pounds and my caves are still a bit soar from all the walking I did! Not complaining, really that was a nice Birthday present :-)

Had a great time seeing old friends and most of my family - as usual missed a few of you, sorry, just not enough time. I'll try to not take a year before I get back for my next visit.

So nice to sleep on my own bed though. I'd like to say I spent the last three days just sleeping - could use it - but really I had to get to work almost as soon as I got back.

Cover Art for Therefore Repent Just about put the final touches on the cover for Therefore Repent so it can go into Insomniac's catalog [who so kindly help Jim distribute his books], and I'm now getting a chunk of pages done for a preview we have slated for Taddle Creek's October issue.

While I was in Toronto I put on my roving reporter hobby hat, and had some fun blogging live from the 2006 Doug Wright Awards. My report can be found here on Sequential.

For me the highlights were the interview that I recorded between Seth and Chester, and seeing my old friend Lorenz Peter receive the Best EMERGING TALENT award.

Couldn't go to a nicer or more worthy doodler. His book looks really good, you should check it out.

Bryan has as usual out blog surfed me by a mile and posted these follow up links tracking all the various reports on the nights events. I really haven't had time to read them all myself!

On the whole the show was good. The opening interview was good but maybe would have benefited from a preinterview so that Chester would have been able to answer Seth's question a bit quicker - he's a thougtfull sort who will awnser the hard questions but not without a few errs and umms.

The hall of fame dedication of George Feyer was a tad dry and in general I think it would help a lot to work in some music into the proceedings, a sound track can make even paint drying moderately entertaining so here i'm sure it would keep things from dragging some.

Without it did feel long, as awards tend to be it seems, and im not sure I like the move to the Gladstone. Personally I like funky warm spaces more than large supposedly classy spaces like this. The Liberty Cafe where it was held last year was ok but a tad seedy, and i'm not sure I really know of a space in Toronto that would match the vibe I like the most. Speculating I'd guess that maybe a small theater might be the thing, like the Poor Alex maybe.

As one person suggested the difference in tone may have a lot to do with the fact that this years awards were standing alone, while the last was part of the TCAF festivities so they were attended by a more festive crowd.

This year seemed a bit somber, with Seth and Chester looking very serious in their matching suits and the local luminaries shmoozing briefly, then disappearing just an hour after the events wrapped rather than parting late into the night as they did last time.

But dispite, I'd say good time, and not at all unberable or anything. And It was good to see my Blog parter at Sequential Bryan, as well as Brad Mackay, Chris Butcher, Marc Nugi and the rest of the TO comics crowd again. Been a hermit for the last year, well, for a while now really.

K', I gots' to go draw. Be good



posted by max at 9/21/2006 10:06:00 p.m.


Blogger Peter Bangs said...

Living in the UK there's so little chance to hear things like Seth and Chester Brown so thanks very much for posting this.

10/01/2006 07:13:00 a.m.  
Blogger max said...

My plesure Peter!

You know though, you guys get Alan Moore and the like – your grass looks pretty good from here too ;)

10/01/2006 10:54:00 a.m.  

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