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Jul. 27, 2006

Been absent from the blog for a bit...
Moved from the old blog

Moved from the old blog

Hey, so this is what I'm doing these days. Been laying out a new Graphic Novel written by my old friend Jim Munroe, called Therefore Repent!.

Above is a little preview of the art, a raw scan of an early page.Therefore Repent! is set in Chicago after The Rapture. It continues a story started in a 24 page comic Jim did last year with Michel Lacombe, and originated with a scene in his last novel, An Opening Act of Unspeakable Evil.

In the traditions of The Book of Revelations, Therefore Repent! is a dark fantasy tale, but Jim also says he's always been a fan of the kookier parts of the bible ;).

Expect healthy doses of magic realism, some demons, taking animals, angels, mummies and ravens made of ash.

A special thing for me, I get to work on a more or less complete script for a book. Thus far in my time making comics, getting a finished script to work with from go has been rare.

When Jim approached me for this project though, he agreed to let me only begin work on the art once I hade a more or less completed script in hand to read.

Several reasons this is cool; one being able to 'see' the whole thing in one reading helps me manage my time working on the book, as I have a much more complete and tangible picture of the work that needs to be done and where I'm really at in my schedule.

Another boon is that I'm able to layout my pages with the complete narrative in mind, allowing me to think ahead, and behind, more completely.

Another nice thing, is I also can actually tell at the start, if I like the story! Rather than finding out as I go.

Honestly doesn't seem to work out as well as I'd like most of the time the other way.

Good for me, as I don't have to worry about that and can put more of my energy into my art. In fact I'm really quite excited about this project so far, and I feel I can say with no hint of BS that I dig this book, I think you will too, and it's going to be some of the best stuff I've done! :D


Keep your peeps peeled, ill be posting more here soon.

We're working towards a summer 2007 publishing date, I'm hoping to have it in hand for TCAF.

Also I will be posting some script samples soon, from the other big gig.

Writing on my own Novel, Dream Life, progresses steadily. That i hope to be done by spring 2008.

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posted by max at 7/27/2006 02:01:00 a.m.

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