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Jun. 8, 2006

Something new, something old....

Hey all, thanks for following a link to me, this page is the home of my Indy publishing efforts, small press Zines and posters and such. Been a long time preoccupation of mine, though I've been taking a year or so off from extra curricular distractions such as. Gearing back up now, making plans and postulations for New publishing ventures and Old ones to be revived. I just brought Revolver's page/site back up...

- lost the old url to poachers [poop, buggers >:( ] but the page is there still, and the book is still available, and will soon be listed in a catalog or two too.

Also have plans to make free digital copies of some of my old Zines available under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5, such as this old ditty....


be good
Salgood Sam
posted by max at 6/08/2006 02:02:00 a.m.


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RevolveR, the web comix anthology of Salgood Sam

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