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Apr. 11, 2006

This is CH ZERO

The name comes from the song. CH ZERO was first called Signal to Noise, but after a while I decided to change that and CH 0 was born.

Though there are some commonalities, It has nothing directly to do with this channel zero, or this one, though both are cool ;).

For 7 years on CIUT 89.5 fm, I produced and co-hosted the show. We had a series of in-house troupes doing radio plays, spoken word performances, and sketch comedy.

I played with sampling on my old mac LC [it still works!], and mixed live using 2 turntables, 2 tape decks, & 2 CD players running material taken randomly from the library or pre-recorded to tape.

It was a fun show, I enjoyed my time on it! But like many things that become routine, after 7 yrs I decided it was time for a change.

Recently the bug has been nipping at me, but I still don't want to be locked into a schedule. Along comes POD CASTING. Well damn. That's just about right.

So CH ZERO is reborn....

CH ZERO zero zero one

It's 54.895 KB, at 164kb/a sec,
it will take about 5min to download the file.
[right click the link to download it to your computer]
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5

Or, use xml the FEED [right click to copy the url] in iPodder or Itunes!

This show is not for profit. all content is © the original artist or those they have signed their life away too.

This episode, we spend some time at the Monthly Montreal Comix Jam with Sherwin Tija [photo care of Mr. Boggedy], we listen to some tunes, hear some words, and contemplate.
Enjoy the show,

Let me know
What you think?

The Play List

Opening noises.
Border radio: Turn your radio on 1933/34 Asher Sizemore & little jimmy.
Jesse Bochner and Sherwin Tija: "comics are for communists!"
Sample: doodoope-doodoope-doodoope
"The Question is this": Dr. Fredric Wertham
Sample: anon Crunching guitar loop.
Sample: "A little what?" an old roomate, Bridget.
Sample; cut up old phone message:"if you have it and need it..." Alex Megelas.
Sample: "Looks like real, feels like real" - old B&W add for children's toy.
Sample: "Don't that make your brown eye blue" sound bite from an old broadcast of 'weird tv' around the mid 90's.
Sample: "naked pictures" don't know the origin, odd bit of radio I think I grabbed off the American airways in NY mid 90's with a sonny tape recorder.
Sample: "I'll be back, no I don't think so, biff bam pow" Cut up, Arnold vs. Nimoy.

Voices of the Monthly Montreal Comix Jam: Jack Ruttan, Sherwin Tija, Jesse Bochner.

Lake of Stew; I Am Violent . A live recording from a Wednesday night jam over the fish store on st. Viateur!

More jam voices: shooting the shit about shading. +Sherwin's tune list

The Weekend [+]; Kick Myself

More jam voices: "i'm going to have to get rid of some of you"

Metric [+]; Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?; Dead Disco

More jam voices: Go pretty

The Dead Milkmen; Punk Rock Girl

Max does the DJ thing as fast as Max can.

Adem; Long drive home

Comic Book Crazy with Sherwin Tija aka Sully, aka The Hipless Boy [+][+][+][+][+]

The Dinner is Ruined; Love Songs from the Lubritorium; Basic Training & Carnival Of Sole. [+][+][+]

Hunter S Thompson from Gonzo Papers, Vol. 3: Songs of the Doomed: More Notes on the Death of the American Dream.

Stuart Dempster; Didjerilayover

Brendan McLeod; HIV

Kiking Giant; HALO; Rachel's Song [+][+]

Max; sanding and cats & on memory

Unknown sample of funky klezmerish circuses horns, let me know if you know who it is?

Max does the DJ thing, not so fast this time.

The End

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