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May 20, 2004

Rochdale & Lionel & The Dealers

Sort of continuing with the sentiment of my recent post about The Italian Machine, a short Cronenberg made for TV film that features a fictionalised version of my father in one of the central roles - here is some more of Lionel online.

From the mid 60's to the mid 70's Lionel was a central player in the experiment in anarchist education called Rochdale [links to media on the CBC archive about the school]. It was many things to many people, and in the 90's as I mentioned in the last post, Ron Mann made a short documentary called Dream Tower about the place. A very large portion of that film appears inter-cut with an interview with a Rochdale survivor here on POT TV's web site .

A very young Lionel has a brief appearance in the Doc [time index reads about 9:27:00 on pot tv's video]. This was filmed back then for a log documentary about the project that was never finished, but in the end provided a greater deal of raw footage for Ron's film. Lionel was at the time of the interview, helping to coordinate the newly instituted building security along with several of his biker friends, in an effort to stem the tide of Yorkville junkies that invaded the place after the cops cleared out Yorkville [paving the way for a major gentrification of that neighborhood - its now a luxury condo and shopping district for the very very rich]

When Dream Tower was made, I had not seen any footage of Lionel or heard his voice for 10 or so years. Ron gave me a dub of the film when it was done, I recall rewinding and watching this very short bit of footage of my father several times over that night.

I've posted Photos of Rochdale here on my Flicker site, from the collection of Alex MacDonald. And more can be found Here, the whole set!

And I have a tape of Lionel anonymously interviewed on the CBC maybe before he had me I think, or just after, anonymously as a Drug Dealer, it's pretty strange and interesting! I have them on my site here, two sides.

I used them in this little bit of video art i made low-fi back in 98 or so i think.

Lionel was a complicated guy as far as i can tell. The whole dealer thing was just one side of the guy. He wore many masks. I'll talk more about them next time.


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