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May 28, 2011

New site, new blog, bye bye blogspot!

So i finally got around to doing a proper overhaul of my main web site, and in doing so have reintegrated my blogs back into the site there. So unless I find a way to slave it to the one on my site I won't be using this blogspot bog anymore. Follow my latest work diary posts here from now on.
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May 18, 2011

Oh yeah, i have a book about the Rapture...

With just days left till the big day, i really should be taking more advantage of it. Thanks NPR, for reminding me!

Therefore, Repent!
By Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam,
160 pages,
Idea & Design Works Llc/NMK
list price: $14.99

This post-Rapture graphic novel would make an excellent stocking stuffer for your favorite disturbed teen, along with black lipstick and a wee nipple ring. Lovebirds Mummy and Raven negotiate the ins and outs of a creepy apocalyptic world in which dogs talk and demonic mutations abound. You might have to don an unattractive bird mask as a reminder of what happened to you during the Rapture. Warning: the feminist figure Lilith takes a hit, as do lesbians, angels and former presidents, but this action-packed narrative is sure to entertain any youth who wears a trench coat to school. Sam Salgood's imaginative art puts an edgy twist on this world of disaffected youth.

I don't want to give away too much for those who have not read the book, but do want to comment on this - "Warning: the feminist figure Lilith takes a hit, as do lesbians, angels and former presidents, " Takes a hit? We didn't favour anyone as good or bad by secondary traits, but lesbians are not as a group "hit", and Lilith is more of an amoral anti-not sure what you'd call her-Oz? Not specifically a "feminist figure" in the imagining. Empowered hot witch or something like that yes but...we're kind of on her side, even if she does scare the crap out of us!:D

The idea for us was to make a counter point book to the B&W moralities of the Left Behind series, and also just liked the idea of treating the Rapture as a Sci-fi genre.

I should also mention, there's a squeal! 'Sword of My Mouth', Jim worked with my friend Shannon Gerard on that, came out last year. Also a good book to get you through the Tribulations. :D

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May 16, 2011

TCAF afterglow...

Back home now, after the show. Ange and I had a lovely week of time off bumbing around Toronto doing nothing to demanding, other than diner with my mother no running around to see family [sorry folks, next time] no working, nothing but having a vacation.

As for my TCAF reporting, check out this post we did on Sequential, and the special coverage in general for more about the show.

Had a great time, diner with the Sequential gang was nice, we need to do that more often - Also had my first sad go at karaoke - Ange and Kalman owned the night on that one.

I got to meet one of the producers behind SGU, a favorite show of mine and Ange's, seems like a nice guy, sad to hear the studio's are not going to continue the show. And i've got a big pile of new books to read, think i'll try to post about them in a bit.

Jamie Coville got this nice shot of me, one of the better ones taken of me at a show in a while. I tend to hate photos of me so that's an accomplishment. His full set of show photos are here.

Posters sold really well, but i have lots left of them too, if you're interested have a look at them here, and let me know.

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May 4, 2011


Well, that clearly didn't work! Wow, a majority, crap. No wait, better, a majority on about 40% of the vote. Damn we really need to have Preferential voting.

OK, well enough of that, life goes ON! Tomorrow after I run about picking up my last minutes, me and the lady get on the bus and head off to my old home town for the best comic festival of them all, TCAF!

I will not have a new book, but I will have art to sell, be up for doing sketches, and I'll have a pile of cool new posters--see samples in the slide show HERE--and copies of the best of my published books! Dream Life vol 1, RevolveЯ One, Ghostbusters, Wonder Woman, and Therefore Repent!

As part of Sequential's TCAF 2011 special coverage I'll also be giving out a FREE magazine. You'll find it all over the place at the event hopefully, but if not come find me and get one, before they run out, 'cus they do.

This year I'll be in the TX room, here's a map of the main floor -->> showing where our space is and a detail shot <<-- showing where to find ME, and the all others as well. Going to be fun, my first year at TCAF with the gang, looking forward to it!

See you there, come by and say Hi!

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May 2, 2011

I posted a story, now you go vote!

Ok, so this is a blatant bribe, I've been behind on posting new work the last two weeks, been busy preparing for TCAF and getting Sequential's special coverage material together, and absorbing some huge good news i'll mention in a few lines.

To make it up to you, i'm posting this story, a nice colour 5 pager that i think has some rousing sociopolitical tones. If you poke around you'll find a link to the song it's based on too.

In exchange for it I ask all my Canadian readers to get out and vote today! Obama got Osama, yep it's true, done and done [some interesting details about how here for the news hounds].

The big news is as of the latest polls, the NDP are within 3 points of the Conservatives!

Holly crap. But that could all be vapor if people don't get out and vote.

If you enjoy the art I share with you then know this, I've directly benefited from arts council suport, once in the past, and big news, i just got accepted for a new grant last month. Which means i'll be able to keep working on Dream Life without interruption, and in my spare time do some more comics for RevolveЯ too!

This is the kind of funding to give you the kind of art Harper and Co would not think is worthy of support probably, if given a free hand he'd have cut far more.

So keep democracy, and the arts, vibrant in Canada. Take some friends out for breakfast or lunch today, and stop at the polls. Make sure to scoop up the lazy ones with you, all they need is two bits of ID. And don't forget, a strategic vote could be for NDP!

Canadians go VOTE today! Give Harper a swift kick if not the full boot!

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Apr. 17, 2011

No comics this week but i have News about Sequential Pulp III

Busy getting the 3rd edition of Sequential Pulp together - our special limited print edition of the Canadian comics blog Sequential. Available exclusively in the pulp at TCAF 2011.

A big thanks to our sponsors, with their help we made our funding goal! Sequential Pulp is essentially not for profit, we give it away for free and pay for the printing with minimum number of sponsors we can get away with - leaving most of the 32 pages for content that way.

This year thanks goes to The Dragon, The Beguiling, Squidface & The Meddler, THE LISTENER by David Lester, The Doug Wright Awards, who along with Koyama Press, AdHouse Books, & Conundrum Press will be helping us put this years issue to press with K6C POSTCARDS.

I've just completed the cover art. Took a while, i had one idea, got part way, hated it. Had to think of another, got part way, hated it. Finally got it right the other night, and inked it the next day.

The next week is going to be hectic while i finalize the layouts and get everything locked down.

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Apr. 9, 2011

The latest pages of my web comics

Two nice pages done today, was working till sun up. Wanted to show them off.

Dream life, a wordless one. Some of my favorite pages are.

And by contrast, one with some poetry, our first good look at Elmo, the other main character in The rise and fall of it all.

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Mar. 25, 2011

My Little Friend

I've been keeping some stuff under the hat for a bit.

A few people have known, very immediate family and a few I was dealing with at the same time this was going on so the work I was doing with them would be affected. I eluded to something being up a while back that was keeping me from posting my comic for a couple of weeks.

But seeing as I had no idea till just two days ago exactly what I was dealing with and I didn't want to have to think about putting worried minds to rest till I had answers, or have people treating me differently--the less time I spent thinking about it myself the better for me--I chose to wait on sharing. Honestly while I'm a private person in some respects that was hard for me. I'm not one to keep stuff bottled up.

FYI if I saw you recently or talked to you and didn't mention it, that's because mostly I was still digesting the latest news and waiting to see how it sat before I spilled. Just know I'm good, and I wasn't blowing smoke when I said things are well. I'm going to be fine in all likelihood, feel very good health-wise now and not down at all about this recent turn of events although it's been a surreal ride for sure.
So to catch you up.
And maybe let you know me better then you expected to ;)

For a while i've had some discomfort and occasional mild pain or cramping in the groin, that I was attributing to being out of shape, too many hours at the damn desk! Like many men I didn't give it a hell of a lot of thought, though more recently it had become more constant and I was starting to worry about it. But last year I'd been given the brush off over health concerns by doctors and was feeling less than eager to get the same again.

Then late last year a relative had one of his testes removed for what ended up being a benign tumour. But we didn't know until after the holidays his was benign, and talking about it with my mother I was alarmed because he had similar symptoms leading up to this as I was having.

So I booked an emergency appointment--taking full advantage of the C word and news of my relatives situation on the phone with the doctors office to make sure it happened that week and not a few months later--and had it checked out. Long story short, blood tests showed nothing before the holidays, but a mass was visible in an ultrasound I had done in mid February, and a week later I had an operation to remove the affected testicle. I was given a prosthetic at the same time.

On the right here is a sketch from memory of the ultrasound image. --->

That went smooth, very, interesting experience. My first surgery. Strange to have people poking around inside you for sure.

Opted for a local/spinal and was up and out by the end of the day. It took the better part of the week resting up in bed mostly but healed up fast. At this point, other than a little tenderness on the scar things feel back to normal, better than, really. I was probably getting some wonky estrogen levels from the tumour that were making me feel off before, more hyper sensitive than usual, and made my tits hurt! :) All that is gone now and my energy seems to have spiked since. Feels great.

Two days ago I got the results from the biopsy of the tumour. The news was not as good as it was for my relative, but it was the next best. I had a classic Seminoma tumour, small (pea sized), stage 1 with no detectable vascular intrusion, and nothing appeared to have traveled up towards the vas deferens, which is good because it means it was probably still isolated to the testes. Here's a wiki link for some more info--warning, pictures! With all these links :) And they aint sexy.

Now anything I could have had short of stage 3 would have very good odds for being curable, even stage 3 is not a death sentence.
Testicular cancer is one of the most curable today.

But this is a great scenario to have if you're going to be dealing with this kind of thing at all.

They got it early he said, so my doctor thinks the odds are pretty good they will have cured it with the operation. I'm going in for a CT scan to check out nodes soon and everything else, we'll know after that for sure if I'll need any follow-up treatment. Hopefully they don't find anything else new when they go looking! If they find nothing then I'm looking at...

-surveillance, which is on the books no matter what. I'll be having regular CT scans for the next year or so.

-possibly a short round of localized radiation therapy targeting the lymph nodes in my back

-or two rounds of chemo.

Both are to make sure we kill off any free roaming mico-tumour cells.

On the other hand if they find anything in my CT scan, depending on what it is, I'm looking at the latter two of those for sure. Successful treatment in any case is just about certain. About 97% are cured with stage 1 Seminoma. So not benign, but at least the next best thing.

Ok, so that's the news! Hope I've not freaked anyone out too much!

UPDATE- 18/04/11:So I've had my follow up CT scan, and the news was good! My doctors want to keep and eye on my lymph nodes, they spotted one in the pelvic region they were a bit concerned with just due to it's proximity, but at the moment it looks fine. So all clear and lucky me, no radiation or chemo! Way to go for early diagnosis and treatment.

So why post this?

Well a couple of reasons. First, to help get people to be less freaked out by this kind of cancer and cancer in general.

It's a serious disease, for sure. But the worst thing is having an intense fear of it and not dealing with it. If you're at risk not getting checked out will NOT protect you from anything.

And as puke inducing and harsh as some of the cures can be, they are far better than the disease.

Don't be a wuss, if your nuts hurt get it checked out dude! And don't be too prissy to do this for yourself on a regular basis. Mine didn't really show up this way but yours may.

Of course if I can help it I will be happy not to have to do chemo or radiation therapy. But I'll be lucky to be so lucky. And far better to feel like crap for a little while then feel like death before dying.

Partly--No, really all of what has made this such a curable disease is Science and Research. So, I also want to take this opportunity to thank all the hard work that has gone into make this--really for me?--an almost painless experience.

I'm lucky in this, which is not the case for all people. But for everyone who gets it testicular cancer is now so far from the horror show compared to what it once was. The medicine is good, and thank Tommy Douglas for Canadian health care. I've not had to think once about financial consequences.

An immense help, that. You have no idea, unless of course you do.

Also the knowledge and resources available online are amazing. In the future I'll try to post something more comprehensive, but these links alone were the biggest help for me.

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Mar. 23, 2011

Me on comics

I was interviewed by my old friend Sam Agro for his blog MOVING PICTURES last week, the post went live yesterday.


SA: Do you think the future of comics lies in digital media?
SS: I don’t think it’s the whole future, but I do think it’s a big part of it. The internet proper is a great entry point for new talent to stretch their legs, get feed back, and learn if they care to. And for more experienced creators it’s a good place to prove something publishers are normally wary of taking a risk on, like unconventional and maybe demanding approaches to pacing and plot. And building an initial interest in a project.

Also, I've solely promoted my work online as a comic artist and illustrator, since 1998 or so. And I'd say about 80% of my income has come from inquiries via that.

Then with the new incoming ‘App’ market we have something that may well offer a viable alternative to periodicals, and the problems of overhead and distribution the direct market is struggling with. It’s got a built in monetary stream so that solves that issue, and the new tablets, e-readers and net-books offer an increasingly comfortable reading form factor. Too early to say anything definitive about it but it’s looking pretty viable. Any problems with it I see are more questions of execution and problem solving, than innate obstacles. --->

And as editor at carte blanche I have a shop talk blog post today, catching non-comics readers up with the evolution of the medium over the last 10 years, and adressing the nomenclature of comics, sequential art, graphic novels and graphic fiction.


What I still think of as comics has been going through a time of great change and growth.

When I decided to dedicate most of my time to making them in high school, it was in part because I was being kicked out, and comics were something you didn’t need a degree in. In truth, there were no degrees to be had in comics. If you wanted to learn more about the medium, you studied art, writing, and film, and extrapolated from these different media. If you achieved a professional level of skill there was little worry about competition; I landed my first paying jobs at Marvel after just one serious attempt to get work in the early 1990s.

While I was developing my own skills out on the edges of the scene in the late 1980s, the then lone journal of comics, inventively titled The Comics Journal, called for our bastard medium to be taken seriously by critics, and urged creators to take what they did seriously in order to bring the standards of their work up to where they might merit that attention. --->

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Mar. 15, 2011

Reviewed by El Santo - the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

Webcomic overlook is really one of the best review sites for the medium though, so i was pretty happy to see Dream Life is the subject of the 42nd review! As an h2g2 fan this has and extra bit of WIN for me.

Did good, got a 4 out of 5!
To answer one critique/question, "Sometimes, though, his focus on the imagery can be detrimental. I felt key details (like character names) were unnecessarily banished to the margins of the blog post. Shouldn’t this information be incorporated in the comic somehow?" - Yes, it just has not happened yet.
This is a totally fair point. As a web comic with one page a week going up, the pacing is slow enough i felt it was a good idea to add some notes. But the story was plotted for a book, where you would get to later pages where people address each other by name in a natural context as fast as you feel inclined to read the pages. It crossed my mind this could be a problem online, but I didn't want to add cheats to the art itself, hence the notes.

I'd also say it's actually a very story intense comic but the way i'm building it up, and with what has been posted so far, i can totally see how it would seem the story is secondary at this stage. Hopefully El Santo stays tuned long enough to see it come together. Muchas gracias for the attention Señor!

For some great tips on where to find the best comics on the web go check out his site.

Oh, and here's the latest page!


And an old funny on RevolveR

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Feb. 1, 2011

Nominated for Outstanding Web Comics Creator

Word's out so i can squeak now, Dream Life is amongst the web comics nominated this year for the joe shuster awards.

Got some tough competition, but makes it all the more of a complement.

The awards will be given this year at a public ceremony in Calgary, Alberta on the evening of Saturday, June 18th, 2011 at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo which takes place June 17-19, 2011.

Haven't worked out if i can make it to the event, will be looking into it over the next while. Be nice, got a lot i'd like to do this summer, going to have to find someway to pay for it all.

Here bellow is the Outstanding Web Comics Creator list of nominees, quite a few friends in there. Also my friend Kalman got a nod for his lovely cover work, and gentlemen Jeff Lemire who's been getting a lot of good heat of late, got a few more nominations in a few categories to put under his belt. Check out the full list on the JSA site ici.
Outstanding Web Comics Creator(s) /Créateur(s) Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées Web

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Jan. 22, 2011

Dream Life, Just drive she said, being fiction, and time to submit!

Page 60 of Dream Life!

Got a bit of nice press the last 48 hours, lot of people tweeting up the comics, thanks Karl Dwight and Jack to name a few instigators.

Also the guys at Robot 6 have been really supportive of Dream Life for a while now, posted a nice little thing about the start of Act 2 here.

And an interview a did in November last year has been posted, local radio show Les Mystérieux étonnants posted a clip here I'm part of, I've made a short version highlighting my bit that you can watch bellow here. As usual i'm less than happy with my ham-fisted responses, hard to be as eloquent as i'd like after talking to teen fan boys all day. My voice was pretty blown out by the time Benoit talked to me here. Slurring my words a lot. Also already was starting to feel the nasty con-bug setting in by this time, laid me up for a week after. Ug.

That's what I get for shaking that 15 year old Rorschach's hand.

One thing i feel like clarifying is, i'm not exactly against genre, just letting it drive the story. And the rather blatant leave little up to the imagination put it all out there way it's written in American Comics a lot of the time. Was talking with Ange about this, we watched the new Being Human series shot here in Montreal.

A good theater friend of her's is in it, Alison Louder, playing Josh the werewolf's sister. We watched the BBC series pretty avidly, and comparing, the new one is good, i'm liking it though a lot of that is the familiarity, seeing my town on the tube. But you can't help notice how much faster they are rushing along in the telling. Not taking as long to build up the personalities at all. Spelling things out much more, rather than letting time pass and you just glean things from their happening. More tell, less show than in the original.

This is what seems to happen in most Genre fiction this side of the Atlantic. Probably elsewhere too, but something that makes most of the good BBC stuff good, is their knack for not doing that as much.

And it's avoiding that i'm most keen on with Dream Life. I want this story to play out, not be spelled out. You know?

Anywho, on with the interview.

And last but not least of all, i recently started putting on an editors cap for chores at carte blanche. As such it's my duty to inform all doodlers, The next Bi-annual deadline for submissions of graphic fiction to be published in the spring 2011 – 13th edition – of carte blanche is March 15th! You have 53 days to submit!

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Jan. 14, 2011

Dream Life returns...

Act two starts this Saturday...

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Jan. 10, 2011

At the end of the Unsettlers show.....

Been working though the last week of my holidays, but took the night off drawing and trying to fix a wonky wacom driver, and went to the ol' Casa del Popolo [my first sign painting gig 8 years ago] with Ange. Watched Glass Passenger, who were foot lifting and fun.

But the night was taken by The Unsettlers [seen above in their 'cabaret' configuration] who stomped us late into the night. My second time catching the band, if they play in your neck of the woods be sure to grab someone and go see them raise the dead.

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Dec. 29, 2010

Interview with the Fabler Blog

Photo by Ange J. Murphy Dec 2010For their final interview this year, the Fabler blog talked with your's truly!

This is the first of a two parter, Kevin tells me the second will go up in the new year. In this part we covered mostly stuff i'm working on now, Dream Life, the rise and fall of it all, etc. We had a rambling talk via google chat, hoping some of the other stuff gets used in part two in the new year....

KD: Dream Life deals extensively with realms of the subconscious, a fact that is reflected in your fluid, shifting, often surreal approach to its art. Where did you pick up this interest in exploring the latent and manifest elements of the human psyche?

SS: It probably had something to do with my upbringing. Carl Jung was a huge interest of my father’s, and to quote one source, he was a ‘legendary acid dealer’, so the whole ‘consciousness-twisting’ thing was a pretty big part of my landscape growing up. My father died when I was really young, and there’s a whole host of ideas that he was really into that I was sort of indoctrinated in before having a chance to be conscious of that. Later in life when I started reading up on this stuff myself, it was kind of weird recognizing the stuff I read from my Dad talking about it when I was a kid.

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Dec. 24, 2010

It's Christmas eve, and Max is running around getting ready for the holiday family trip!

Forgot to update this the last little bit, thought i'd take care of it now.

Dream life is going on a short hiatus for the holiday,
going to take a bit of time to make some new pages
based on changed to the script i just came up with.
So this posting is the last page for 2010!
and bellow, i give you the page from the week
before! [so as to not spoil the end of act 1]

And the rise and fall of it all will continue on
through the holidays. Below is page 10!

And if that's not enough comics for you, go check out the last Hey Kids, Comics! post on Sequential for 2010!

Have a merry X-mass, happy holidays, and a great new year!

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Nov. 27, 2010

Today i drew a chew chew...

German train in the swiss alps

i think i can i think i can....

that's a bit of left over stuff from this.

In about, 3 hours, two new pages go live on my two web comic sites! Dream Life pg 54 [have you ever had one of these mornings?] & a bit more from The rise and fall of it all over on RevolveR. Check em' out.

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Nov. 16, 2010

Expozine 2010

OK, so it was a pretty fun weekend though i got nailed by the flue after all that.

Fist i want to say thanks to Nadia Moss for the loan of her wheels when i thought i'd left my stove on - it was all good in the end and i was able to grab my forgotten lunch too. Nice ride as well. Wish i'd had the presence of mind in all the chaos to go by her table when i was shooting clips, she was presenting some nice prints. Check out her stuff on flickr and this strange little video she did with Automatic Vaudeville.

As i mentioned in my fist post when I was stuck on the stage I had horrid sales. Managed to move to a great spot on the main floor day 2 and it made a hell of a difference! Easily three times as many copies of Dream Life sold along with several other books I brought. That helped a lot but the slow day one - normally i do better day one and a little less day two - means over all this was not really a very profitable expozine for me - covered my expenses but it could have been better had i gotten there early day one.

That sucked and so did getting sick. Gave me time to edit the video i took though. Sorry for the crappy sound, mostly could not be helped, cheep camera. Will upgrade some time when i have the spare cash.

So i shot a two part tour of event, talked to a lot of people, and below the clips here i'm posting links to as many as i can manage.

Part 1
Marc Taro Holmes posted the painting he's doing at the start of the clip here Jack Ruttan posted his own clip of Expozine stuff, see that here. Jacques Boivin links Bio on Books for sale here The trippy prints of drawings of urban landscapes next to him were by Way Magazine by Jennifer Hamilton The Parti Rhinocéros, Rhinoceros Party of Canada F. A. Nettelbeck's new book : Happy Hour Colon White Kristen Mccrea Poètes de Brousse Looper Projects - Allison Moore Valerie Sury Profile on the National Post site Frank Fournier - Détritus Lickety Split smut zine WORN Fashion Journal Robin Enrico, from Brooklyn, NY! MK REED Matt Reichmann online And a look at NU comix on facebook grab it at the Concordia co-op bookstore
Part 2
Doug Wright Award nominated artist, John Martz! Aaron Costain Dean Garlick (Anteism) Erik Volet's art Ivan Klipstein - of The Auroratones Sherwin "sully" Tjia ["i'm drunk man, i can't, i can't...] Conundrum Press table Daniel Ha Véhicule Press table Matrix Magazine table Kim Hoang of the Love Love Hill Collective Freelance Blues table Wonderfuls table
Eric Theriault Emilio Esteban Plan B, Université du Québec en Outaouais comic's program's student anthology. Fanzinothèque table New Escapologist Robert Wringham Shanti's Book of Panties By Samara Leibner Samara Leibner Jasper Jesse Bochner the Drawn & Quarterly table the anteism table Jimmy Beaulieu

and i lost track after that!

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Nov. 14, 2010

Expozine Day 1: First attempt at live blogging - FAIL!

So despite getting up early i was a little late getting to the event and thus lost out on getting a proper spot on the floor. Instead for day one i had a table on the stage with the poster artists. Not such a great spot, out of the main traffic i lost out on a lot of spontaneous buyers, really noticed the difference, a 3rd to a quarter my usual sales. Going to try to get in early for Sunday and grab a new spot on the floor.

A lot of people said sales were slow. Customers were looking a bit glazed over buy the shear mass of the offering, and it seems to be the pattern now ever since it became a two day affair: day one browse; day two buy in a mad dash near the end of the day.

Took some vid i'll deal with latter, and snapped some shots with my phone quick, here's a little look at the days events. Tried to post this from my phone while i was there but messed it up somehow so this here is my second try from home the old fashion way.

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Nov. 6, 2010

What I believe

The next time you feel like it's all just a big mess, and we're doomed. Take a good look up on a clear dark country night, take it in. Then take a look around you silly monkey, at the tools our minds have given us, and do something with them.

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Oct. 26, 2010

Dream Life 56 pencils

Lionel dreams of the red haired girl after falling asleap in class.

Where I played with decompression at the start of act 1 with Charlie's dream, here i'm using a lot of compression, and also messing with the reading direction.

The art hints at the linier reading, but I am inviting people to induce the fractured nature of some dreams by reading it conventionaly.

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Oct. 19, 2010


albert, originally uploaded by Sadax Golum.

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Oct. 8, 2010

Doing a little bit of dream life

Dream Life 055pencils

Been banging away at the final scenes to the Adolph Busch project; One Good German. Took a short brake to recharge the creative batteries with some pencils for Dream Life.

This is Lionel, at a lecture - the plan is to use Asemic writing, the chicken scratch of adult text in Peanuts, that morphs to binary.

Also these are some of the nicer frames i recently completed for the short.



36b - now 26? something like that....



Oh yeah, and check this out, some Ghostbusters Fans are starting to make the mark IIZ I designed for Tainted Love, Bellow is Hal, in a shot of one of the best so far that I hear he whipped up last minute for a show. Nice Job, makes me think it would be fun to do this for Halloween this year, if i had the time. There are threads here and here where people are posting their prop build shots. Check it out!


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Sep. 20, 2010

More Dream Life Pencils

Continued to trade off between Dream Life pencils and story boards last week, you can see the boards here, bellow are the next two pages of Dream Life after 52
Dream Life 053 pencils
Dream Life 054pecils

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Sep. 14, 2010

Monday monday monday

Did some nice pencils
 for the next page of Dream Life - 52 - Want to do till 61,
the end of act 1 in the next week or so as pencils,
get tha chunk ready to ink and colour soon as the Busch project wraps.


Also today, just before those
 i was getting into a nice groove
drawing roughs/story boards for
 the Adolf Busch project.
Here's some more of that.


And some of
the newest
 finished frames.





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